round design, titanium and borderless display

round design, titanium and borderless display

Now that Apple has put the iPhone 14 on sale alongside Plus, Pro and Pro Max models, it’s time to go further and question the future iPhone 15. It can be exchanged for an Ultra, along with many of its new features. Now we have new information about this time iPhone 15 designWill have aesthetic similar to the old iPhone 5c.

Since first iPhone hit the stores 2007Apple’s smartphone range has undergone constant changes at the design level. What was a smartphone in the first place? large frames on the screen, now these are almost completely gone and we only have one notch left. Over the years, Apple has slightly tweaked the design of the iPhone, with minor improvements such as a larger screen, less thickness, and a few cameras. Now with the newest iPhone 14 Pro Maxwe could see cameras have been improved and this is available notch Dynamic Island It will also have the iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 will be made of titanium and have rounded edges

After reading the possible technical specifications of the future iPhone 15, now it’s time to learn some details about its design. After confirming that the notch will return and that Apple will not ignore it so soon, we now see that there will be a change at the aesthetic level. The iPhone 15 will actually have a new design around the edges, something subtle but reminiscent of past iPhone designs. this iPhone 15’s edges will be more roundedspecial Back side That iPhone 14 models have a bezel.

Thus, by touching we will find a softer feeling although it also has its major disadvantage, this makes it easy to slide. Another thing that will change is that Apple will change the material in the iPhone 15. aluminum to titanium, much more expensive. The latter perhaps indicates that this design change only applies to the iPhone 15 Ultra, that is, the most premium series and equivalent of the Pro Max.

It will have a similar aesthetic to the iPhone 5c from the back

With very little to be said, everything suggests that the iPhone 15 could be like a mix of the iPhone 14 Pro and the Pro Max with the rounded edges of an iPhone 5c and everything made of titanium. A very strange mix. iPhone 5c launched in 2013so we are talking about a Apple design nearly 10 years ago. This means that Apple will be returning to something that it has already set aside for better designs after years of aesthetic changes. There must be a reason why the design of the future iPhone 15 Ultra or Pro is like this.

Maybe making this change saves a lot of money. production costs, but all this collapses when you consider that curvature is generally more expensive and will use titanium instead of aluminum on top of it. In this case, let’s remember iphone 5c To realize this design used plasticdoing this much cheaper than modern iPhones. Everything indicates that these design changes are really reserved for the top of Apple, so the titanium alloy will be unique to the iPhone 15 Ultra. Apple’s trend The biggest difference between the Pro and standard modelsthis change could be one of them.

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