Technology companies top the list of the world's most valuable brands |  International |  News

Technology companies top the list of the world’s most valuable brands | International | News

view It entered the year 2022 and reached a market forecast of 3 trillion dollars by increasing its value by 35%. Thus, it reinforced its title as the highest brand value registered in the ranking. Brand Finance Global 500followed by other tech companies such as Amazon and Google.

stunning success of view This is due not only to the sale of iPhones, which account for half of the brand’s sales, but also to the growing popularity of its other products: next-generation iPads, the introduction of AirTags and video streaming services Apple TV.

The company founded by Steve Jobs is closely followed AmazonRaising its $300 billion brand value 38% to $350.3 billion, it overcame global supply chain woes and workforce shortages in the process. It has hired 133,000 new employees since June 2021 and announced plans to hire an additional 125,000 workers per hour in the near future, with the expectation of continued growth.

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Amazon It is characterized by its own end-to-end supply chain through the development of its own technological equipment, as well as a growing fleet of trucks, vans and aircraft. One of the most popular is the virtual assistant known to everyone as ‘Alexa’.

Google Reaching $263.4 billion, it ranks third among the most valuable brands this year. The brand’s main source of income was advertising, and at the start of the pandemic, it was hit when advertising spending fell due to uncertainty. When advertising budgets are reopened, Google resulted in an increase in brand value.

A total of 50 tech brands feature in the rankings, but brand value is largely attributed to the three big players. view, Microsoft (brand value $184.2 billion) and samsung group (brand value $107.3 billion) together represent more than 50% of the total brand value in the industry.

TikTok, the fastest growing brand

The video app is revolutionizing user behavior in media and social networks. Digital entertainment has seen a surge in popularity during the pandemic as social media and streaming services continue to grow. TikTok It crossed the 1 billion user limit in 2021 and It became the most downloaded app in the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for Apple.

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With a staggering 215% growth, the entertainment app’s brand value increased from $18.7 billion in 2021 to $59 billion this year. Ranked 18th among the 500 most valuable brands in the world, TikTok It is the highest new entrant in the 2022 Brand Finance Global 500 ranking.

“Media consumption has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, but at the same time the way we use it has changed irrevocably. Media outlets have invested heavily in their brands, from content acquisition to user experience, to compete in this burgeoning market. TikTok’s meteoric growth is proof of pudding – the brand has gone from relative obscurity to international recognition in just a few years, and it shows no signs of slowing down, Brand Finance CEO David Haigh said.

Snapchat is the brand that follows TikTokIt reached $6.6 billion, an increase of 84%. CocoaThe South Korean internet company follows Snapchat: its brand value increased by 161% to $4.7 billion.

names like Disney, Netflix, YouTube and Spotify They are not far behind, as they are all constantly growing. By contrast, brands like Warner Bros., NBC, and CBS are seeing losses with losses of 40%, 38%, and 36%, respectively.


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