The power of the game for brands

The power of the game for brands

around three billion users worldwideAccording to predictions, gaming is far from a niche trend and brands should stop thinking about it that way and think very seriously whether it’s right for them to enter this world.

From a super realistic online multiplayer match to the simplest single player games, most adults play at least one type of video gameVia PC, consoles, tablets or smartphones.

games now It is an accessible web-based environment with something to offer for all age groups and interests.. They are no longer limited to just playing games, they are integrated into daily life, retail and leisure activities by using emerging technologies that “gamify” everyday life such as AR and VR.

A study Accenture shows that the stereotype of young men as actors is unrealistic. As a result of the widespread adoption of mobile devices, there are now almost as many female gamers (46%) as male gamers (52%), with 2% identifying gender as non-binary or non-responsive.

Thus, the video game market continues to grow. He tackled music and movies together. It is popular in all corners of the world, of all ages and all demographic groups.

Direct and indirect value of the video game industry according to Accenture data more than $300 billionand the top 10 video game phenomena on YouTube come together 405 million subscribers.

First-person shooters, RPGs, online multiplayer battle arena, and battle royale-style games are the most popular. More than half of the players state that they play. cross platform gamesand new players (60%) are much more likely to do so than experienced players (50%).

In this new era of video games, the social aspect is a big and growing attraction. 84% say video games help them connect with people with the same interests and meet new people.

Game related services

Needless to say, these impressive numbers and insights opportunities for brands to connect with their target audience.

Also, with this explosive growth, broader usage, and increased player desire for social interaction, gaming companies should focus on the user experience, not the product.

This is a service industry and social and cross-platform interactions will become more and more common.

Based on data collected from players and advertising campaigns, games Outperform traditional marketing channels to get your audience’s undivided attention, especially among the younger generation. In the first quarter of 2022, Stream Hatchet reported that users passed Streaming over 9 billion hours of live game content.

On the other hand, according to eMarketer, advertising investment by brands in video games will exceed $6 billion by 202214% more than the previous year.

Advertising opportunities are numerous:

  • Live streams, personalized content, compilations, etc. impressive activations.
  • in-game advertisement
  • Incentive and reward-based ads
  • Sponsored and personalized content
  • Esports and team sponsorships
  • Tournament and event sponsorships

Advertising in gaming tends to feel more like an extension of the experience than an interruption, so more than a few brands are entering this world with good results.

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