10 inventions that revolutionized the world in 2022

10 inventions that revolutionized the world in 2022

Time magazine’s official list has 200 inventions, but PRIMICIAS has selected 10 inventions that have changed the way we talk, play and live, thanks to the advancement of technologies like artificial intelligence.

Every year and for more than twenty years, time magazine choose the best inventions, innovations and technological advances.

For the first time in 2022, the editors of the American publication are not 100, 200 inventions. And in the words of the editors, these are ” changing the way we livewe work, play and think”.

From a color-changing car, to a robot for the elderly to talk to, to a personalized test for diagnosing cancer, The most powerful telescope ever built.

This year’s innovations belong to 27 categories such as electronics, Artificial Intelligence, metaverse or renewable energy. first fruits picked 10 of the most original inventions and your love.

10 inventions and categories

The magazine asks editors and journalists around the world to submit proposals and nominations to compile the list of inventions. After evaluating them, choose those that are not only original, but also effective and impressive.

  • Artificial Intelligence: AlphaFold

    Image of molecules and proteins processed by AlphaFold program.

    In July, Alphabet company (formerly Google) released the Alpha Fold machine learning program for prediction and Read the structure of 200 million proteins. This is almost equal to the protein chains of all humanity.

    The CEO of the company described this innovation as: “a gift to humanity”. And Alpha Fold has the ability to accelerate the work of researchers around the world to solve science’s deepest problems.

    Currently, the program drugs become resistant to bacteria or creating drugs that can cure Parkinson’s disease.

  • Accessibility: a robot to ‘talk’

    Front view of ElliQ robot and virtual assistant. Taken from ElliQ.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how important it is to have a ‘friend’ and much more when it comes to older adults. And to alleviate these downtime hours, Companion robots like ElliQ.

    It is a speaker and tablet that can chat with the user thanks to Artificial Intelligence. ElliQ weather forecast, news, play music and even ‘talk’ about trivial matters. There is also a button to contact a doctor or relative in an emergency.

    It is an expensive ‘gadget’ and requires a $30 monthly subscription as the company provides support for the robot to work.

  • Hackers: App Nord Security

    A user testing the NordVPN security app. Taken from the NordVPN portal

    Time magazine highlighted the features of the NordVPN app in the Apps & Software category. “keep hackers away”.

    Company Northern Security, the creator of the app is known for providing fast VPN services. The system basically lets you browse securely from any computer and offers other solutions like password manager and encrypted file storage.

    A feature of NordVPN is its high speed operation, which is due to the NordLynx protocol and 10 gigabytes per second server network. The app is available for iOS and Android.

  • Health: Personalized cancer testing

    Front view of personalized breast cancer test. Taken from Reveal Genomics.

    Time magazine never ranks the selected inventions, but gives equal importance to all of them. This happens with the emphasis on the health category, where the editors explain that the selected developments “allow us to make the world smarter.”

    One of the 13 inventions in the health category personalized testing to fight breast cancer. judicial HER2DX+and was created by the Reveal Genomics company.

    It is a genomic test that combines the patient’s clinical data, such as tumor size or node status, and allows the doctor to guide their decisions and treatments. Test u to process informationuses deep learning techniquesOne of the branches of Artificial Intelligence.

    It is currently only available in Spain and for patients with HER2+ cancer, which represents 20% of all breast cancer cases in women. It should reach all of Europe and the United States by 2024.

  • Science: James Webb Telescope

    James Webb Telescope seen in space by NASA, December 2021. POT

    Technically, NASA’s powerful telescope, James WebbIt is among the best inventions of 2022 in the design category.

    According to the Time publication, this device, which was released in 2021, is a a marvel of spatial engineering and design. It stands out not only with the sharp images it sends back to Earth, but also with advanced devices such as the infrared light sensor.

    “Webb’s infrared camera can observe the infancy of the universe and has already returned a dazzling array of images,” Time emphasizes.

    As a matter of fact, in 2022, the space telescope managed to capture the moment when stars are born or are born. Photograph the Pillars of Creation of the Universe.

    But he was also able to find traces of water and carbon dioxide from the two exoplanets.

  • Experimental: The most powerful rocket

    Launch of the Orion capsule to the Moon on November 16, 2022, as the first part of NASA’s Artemis mission. Reuters

    322 feet high SLS rocket, receive Artemis I drone mission Return to the Moon on November 16.

    this rocket bigger and stronger It’s been built so far, according to NASA, because its maximum launch thrust is 8.8 million pounds.

    “SLS provided the power and performance needed to send Orion to the Moon,” said Mike Sarafin, Artemis I mission manager.

  • Smart Home: Robot Vacuum

    Image of Roborock Series 7 robot vacuum cleaner.

    One of the inventions of 2022 is a device that facilitates one of the tasks that many users hate: cleaning the house.

    About Roborock S7 MaxV robot vacuum cleaner, It was created by the company of the same name and is dedicated to the production of other types of domestic robots.

    According to Time magazine, the S7 MaxV version of this auto cleaner is ultra smart because detects carpets and elevates its position on the ground to avoid getting stuck during cleaning.

    Available in various electronic portals and commercial stores domestically, this equipment also has a wet cloth for cleaning the floor. It rubs off stains “up to 3,000 times per minute,” according to the creative company.

  • Automobiles: A chameleon car

    A prototype of the car was presented at this year’s CES Las Vegas consumer show. BMW iX Stream. Although it may seem like a luxury car at first glance, its main feature is the paint on its hood. switch from white to black after pressing a button.

    But it’s not a magic trick, but use of electronic inkA technology used in Amazon Kindle books and applicable to other devices.

    To achieve the chameleon effect, the manufacturer BMW partnered with the company E Ink, which develops protective films.

    So what actually changes is the adhesive film that covers all the panels of the car. It is also an environmentally friendly technology because electric power is only used when the customer wants to change the color of the car.

  • Electronics: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Front and rear view of Samsung’s high-end mobile phone Galaxy S22 ultra.

    For TIME editors, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the ultimate mobile phone on the market. high end smartphone. In fact, it’s the only cell phone on the list.

    Marketed in Ecuador for $1,200this mobile is the successor to the Galaxy Note, which comes with the classic S Pen stylus.

    The S22 Ultra has numerous improvements over its predecessors. For starters, it’s bigger and heavier: almost 6.8 inches and 227 grams. It has an Exynos processor, a bright camera sensor, and a 108-megapixel front camera.

    But the most impressive thing is that it has brightest screen on the marketIt has the ability to block sunlight and adapt to dark conditions. It also has the function of protecting the ‘eyes’ of the user.

    Its battery goes uninterrupted one day and S Pen is the fastest among other Samsung mobile phones. You can create notes, edit, draw, translate texts or write on the calendar with the pen. And latency is reduced, meaning typing on the screen or doing any action is almost instantaneous.

  • Mobile Gaming: Razer Kishi V2

    Razer Kishi V2 device that turns mobile phone into a video game console.

    One of the best inventions in the category of electronic equipment is the remote control.It turns the mobile phone into a portable console.

    takes its name Razer Kishi V2i.e. the second generation or enhanced version of the device created by the video game company Razer.

    This ‘joystick’ is very similar to the Nintendo Switch in that it allows you to make gestures similar to games on this console. The device splits and sticks to the sides of the mobile phone, no batteries required as it is powered by mobile phone power.

    for now, only works on android deviceshowever, manufacturers assure that they are working on a version for iOS.

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