Erimsa contributes to the positioning of Galicia's strategic mineral resources as a powerhouse

Erimsa contributes to the positioning of Galicia’s strategic mineral resources as a powerhouse

melt It contributes to the positioning of the Galician community as the key to worldwide technological development and relies on the sustainable mining model to extract the metallurgical quartz from which silicon is derived. rechargeable battery between mobile phones. With more than 5,000 million people worldwide using smart devices every day, and in the context of the current strategic shortage of raw materials, the company advocates giving a new impetus to this industry, so that the environment always from maximum respect, Galicia becomes a European benchmark.

this innovation and development They have been determining factors in the route followed by metallurgical quartz ever since. melt Because it is one of the must-haves of their smartphones, millions of citizens from all over the planet are making them sustainable until they carry them in their pockets. In recent years, silicon has revolutionized the battery manufacturing industry. Its implementation has made it possible to increase the power and time of charging both mobile phones and electric vehicles. an industry that automotivewith a constant and increasing demand for this element to make microchips.

It is emphasized from Erimsa that although there are many paralyzed projects, it is the ideal time to take advantage of a worldwide developing market by prioritizing modern and sustainable mining in the Galician community, which is leading the international metallurgical quartz production. “Procedures should be streamlined so that new projects can be sustained or undertaken so that, in addition to guaranteeing the continuity of some European industries, new projects that protect the natural environment, contribute to the socio-economic revitalization of rural areas and promote technological innovation in various sectors.” Erimsa General Manager José Antonio Valencia.

Transition to greener energy models

Silicon is also the basis of photovoltaic energy. “Sustainable mining can be a lever for the transition to new, greener energy models, increasing the efficiency of this alternative and clean energy by promoting renewable energy as silicon is used in solar panels,” emphasizes José Antonio Valencia, repeating his bet on the company. for a long time more than forty years is to develop differentiated mining model complies with the highest standards of respect for the environment.

Of the seven active metallurgical quartz production centers in Spain, five are owned by Erimsa and are located in Galicia and Castilla y León. The priority here is to implement a working system that enables mineral extraction compatible with traditional economic activities such as agriculture, animal husbandry or forestry. Often the land is dredged harmlessly, with land leased to its owners and always returned in optimal condition to continue its normal use.

innovation strategy

Erimsa’s innovation strategy is realized through continuous progress in the evaluation of natural resources. There are four types of silica sand that it has put on the market to meet the demand of different sectors. Q-Sand for the chemical industry, infrastructure construction and the production of mortar and paint, among others; Q Bedideal as a cow bed to guarantee animal welfare in barns; Q-Golf Establishing and maintaining the infrastructure for this sport and Q PlayIt is used on the surfaces of different sports fields.

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