Get to know the color changing vivo Smartphones

Get to know the color changing vivo Smartphones

Currently, users want a mobile phone that is not only functional and has good technological features, but also fits their personality and lifestyle – a device that represents them.

Smart devices, especially mobile phones, have become an essential and necessary element in our daily life. Currently, it is not enough for them to meet market demands in terms of performance, but also to have added and distinctive value. People want a mobile phone that is functional and has good technological features, is suitable for their personality and lifestyle, represents them and places great emphasis on design.

Considering the above, Colombia’s fourth best-selling smartphone brand vivo has launched the latest references of the V Series, where it aims to provide consumers with devices with unique features that respond to each user’s style.

That’s why vivo tells you about the uniqueness of the two new smartphones in this series: with the V25 and V25 Pro it will be possible to “make all the moments shine”, the main feature of which is a color-changing chameleon design. by exposure to sunlight or artificial light. These devices are also ultra-thin and light, easy to carry, and have incredible performance in terms of both lenses and operating systems.

Appearance and design

The case of the V25 and V25 Pro is covered with fluorite glass, a mineral with a color-changing property that allows the equipment to reflect a different hue (litmus) when exposed to ultraviolet light. This bet on design allows these devices to be dynamic not only in terms of their functionality and technological devices, but also in their appearance.

The color depends on which model the phone came with; for example, the V25 Pro is available in Surf Blue and Starry Black, while the V25 is available in Dawn Gold and Diamond Black. Shades of blue change from a dark color to a muted color, and gold to an orange and reddish color.

The best thing about this feature is that it allows you to customize the cell phone case for each user’s taste in a very simple and creative way, like a tattoo. To do this, the user can cut a piece of paper or the like, put it on the case and expose it to the sun, with which the shape will remain for several minutes.

A camera made for the night

The V25 Pro and V25 are designed to shine, and there’s never been a better time than night to do it. That’s why one of the highlights is the camera because both models have night stabilization system and 64MP main lens, 8 megapixel ultra wide angle and 2MP macro that manages to reduce shots. exposure times automatically in low light conditions, resulting in high quality images. The Pro version has an eye-focused 50MP front camera, and the V25 has 32 megapixels in this lens.

Likewise, these smartphones have various features that focus on night photography, such as the super night portrait function that restores the colors and brightness of saturated images at night or extreme real-time night vision. intensity of exposure via an image preview where brightness and color can be changed. It also has super night video that allows for audio-visual shooting without losing quality due to external light conditions.

Battery and fast charging

Another great part that these new mobiles in the Vivo portfolio have is their battery, as this is long lasting and extra fast charging.

On the one hand, the V25 has a 4,500mAh battery and can go from 0% to 61% in 30 minutes with 44W FlashCharge. The V25 Pro has a 4,830 mAh battery with 66W FlashCharge that charges from 0% to 40% in just 15 minutes.

Both devices have 24-dimensional safety protection and an intelligent charging motor that determines the optimal state of the battery depending on whether the smartphone is on, off or connected to the current, this motor reduces the heat generated. Considering the situation, it extends battery life.

Processor and capacity

Regarding the performance that these devices can have, MediaTek Dimensity processor 900 as V25 Pro MediaTek Dimensity 1300 processor and 12GB RAM + 8GB extended RAM and V25 processor with 120Hz refresh rate, 8GB RAM + 8GB expansion at 90Hz.

In addition, the V25 and V25 Pro are designed to withstand high-demand tasks such as prolonged use of video games, as both devices have liquid and bionic cooling. In addition, they have a game enhancement mode, an evolution in image and sound quality, and even 4D vibration to provide an immersive experience to the user.

Finally, if you want to buy these new vivo devices, anyone interested will be able to buy it for $2,399,900 on major commerce platforms such as department stores and major mobile operators’ stores. $3,779,900 for the V25 and V25 Pro.

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