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health technology, hero of health services

“Health technology, hero of the healthcare industry. These teams play an important role in allowing. prevent, diagnose and cure diseases. Health technology saves lives and restores their quality”. daisy alphonsegeneral secretary Spanish Federation of Health Technology Companies (Fenin), XIV. at the Technology and Health Awards celebrating their anniversary. bj

“We are all potential users of our healthcare system. These awards, get to know the work of institutions valuing the contribution of health technology, improving quality and promoting medical innovation“Alfonsel explained.

Margarita Alfonsel, Secretary General of Science

on his behalf silvia calzonThe Minister of State for Health underlined this. health technology goes beyond equipment: “They’re medicine, clinical procedures and systems Along the same lines, these awards “ importance to researchinnovation and clinical practice.” “All award-winning initiatives respond to needsFor the health of the population,” he said.

He also mentioned in his speech two mothers health technology challenges facing the system. on the one hand, sustainable incorporation new technology; and on the other hand, the necessary renewal to avoid equipment obsolescence. To achieve these goals, Fenin will continue to be an “ally” your administration.

Silvia Calzón, Secretary General of Health, Government of Spain.

15th anniversary of Technology and Health Foundation

As a matter of fact, the following was also reminded in this action: Science Technology and Health Foundation He turns 15. Therefore, his studies javier cokefirst president of the organization from 2007 to 2014; Y Jose Luis GomezHolding the same post from 2014 to 2020.

“The foundation was born with the purpose of connect technology and society due to the importance health care“, Colás stated. Among the lines of action were: be an active part Sharing a common vision of the National Health System (SNS) with other health actors, reinforcement training and coherent research.

Margarita Alfonsel and Javier Colás, first president of the Science Technology and Health Foundation.

However, currently many key challenges first of all this has to do with the increase in demand. “By 2030 demand will increase by 90 percent Population aging and percentage chronicity“, Colás stated. All of this will put paramedics to the test. find efficiency benefits from digitalisation.

Other long-term goals that Colás has set include: change purchasing modelspaying attention to the environmental impact and Greater role for professionals health in technology management.

Fernando Bandrés, president of the Science Foundation for Technology and Health: “Health technology exists for treatment and care”

on his behalf Fernando BandresThe current head of the foundation underlined this. it’s 15 yearsshow result “permanent job”. It was built as. reliable, mature project, consolidated and full of meaning. technology water from our aquarium existential,” he assured.

Likewise, Bandrés is currently a “Transformation Process” this is happening at an “unexpected” rate. “Health tech has heal and care And we still have a lot of work to do,” he explained.

Fernando Bandrés, President of the Technology and Health Foundation

Technology and Health Awards 2022

During this action, many institutions to “make visible the value and social contribution of health technology”. These were the winners of this edition:

– Recognition of the Technology and Health Foundation 2022: Santiago de Compostela Health Research Institute (IDIS).

– Best Patient Support Organization: Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation.

– Best Health Education and Prevention program supported by an autonomous community: Andalusia Patient School.

– The best home care program for chronic patients promoted by an autonomous community: “Galicia Home Hospitalization Plan 2019-2023 (HADO)”

– The best technological innovation supported by the autonomous community in healthcare: “Requested Project” of the Region of Murcia.

– Sanitary Technological Innovation Award: Mercè Boada Rovira, neurologist.

– Entrepreneurship Award: Beginning Infinity

Margarita Alfonsel; Silvia Calzon; the head of the science, María Vila; and Fernando Bandres.

Maria Vila and Silvia Calzon.

Julio de la Rosa, Director of Corporate Affairs and Market Access at Air Liquide Healthcare; and José María Pino, editor-in-chief of Redacción Médica.

Fernando Bandres; María Luz López-Carrasco, Managing Director of Abbott and former president of Fenin; Maria Villa; Silvia Calzon; Margarita Alfonsel; and Mayda López-Belmonte, vice president of the Foundation.

Francisco de Paula, Medtronic Director of Strategy; Maria Villa; and Marta Alonso, Iberia Manager of Regulation and Quality at Medtronic.

José María Pino and Manuel Vilches, Director of Medical and Corporate Affairs at Johnson & Johnson.

Silvia Calzón is chatting with Margarita Alfonsel.

Pablo Crespo, COO of Fenin; and Juan Carlos Gallego Sánchez, Senior Director, Global Marketing Services, Indas-Attindas.

Carlos Atienza, director of the IMB Health Market Area; and Faustino Blanco, director of the Principality of Asturias (Finba) Research and Biohealth Innovation Foundation.

Pedro Villaroel, Head of Emergency Situations, Madrid Clínico de Madrid Hospital; Fernando Bandres; and Margarita Alfonsel.

César Gutiérrez, head of Depuy Synthes Robotics Division at Johnson & Johnson; Carole Nyer, Spain director of Johnson & Johnson Depuy Synthes; Mayda Lopez-Belmonte; Belén Cerrillo, Senior Manager Business Quality at Johnson & Johnson; Manuel Wilches; and Alberto Fernández, Head of Digital Surgery and Major Equipment Business Development at Johnson & Johnson.

Pilar Navarro, Director of Science Projects; Carlos Cisternas, President of Science Catalonia; Jorge Huertas, Fenin’s vice president; and Antonio Ojeda, president of the Spanish Society of Electromedical and Clinical Engineering (Seeic).

Piedad Navarro, Corporate Affairs Director at Air Liquide; and Julio Mayol, medical director of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital.

Elena Mateo, Fenin’s chief financial officer; Concha Toribio, Coordinator of Analysis and Studies at Fenin; Maria Luz Lopez-Carrasco; Isabel Dávila, Fenin’s managing director; Carmen Aláez, deputy general secretary of science; and Margarita Sopena, communication from Fenin.

Belén Cerrillo, Carole Nyer, María Vila, Margarita Alfonsel, Manuel Vilches, Mayda López-Belmonte and María Luz López-Carrasco.

Silvia Calzón and María Luz Couce, scientific director of the Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela (IDIS).

Silvia Calzón and award-winning Mercè Boada, neurologist and founder of the Barcelona Alzheimer’s Center (ACE).

Representatives of Margarita Alfonsel, Silvia Calzón, María Vila, Fernando Bandrés and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation.

Silvia Calzón and Blanca Fernández Capel, executive director of the Andalusian School of Public Health (EASP).

Silvia Calzón and representatives of the Galician Health Service (Sergas).

Silvia Calzón and representatives of the Murcian Health Service.

Silvia Calzón and Rubén Molina, CEO of Innitius.

View of the room at the Technology and Health Awards ceremony organized by Fenin.

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