Optimizing the programmatic purchasing process with QPO technology improves performance and visibility, according to an IAS report

Optimizing the programmatic purchasing process with QPO technology improves performance and visibility, according to an IAS report

Comprehensive Advertising ScienceHe published his latest work, titled today. Creating Your Quality Path. The report reveals how media buying professionals use SPO (Supply Path Optimization) technology in their digital strategies and their desire for media quality to influence the future. Optimization of quality in the process (QPO) so that it becomes even more relevant for purchasing quality inventory at a more cost-efficient way.

In the view of experts in digital media, media and creative agencies, the IAS study shows that threats to media quality are the biggest challenge for programmatic advertising, which grows exponentially and has to deal with increasing risk. lack of branding, ad fraud and transparency as a result of an increasingly complex shopping experience.

Likewise, the study reveals that media professionals struggle to maximize their advertising investment and impact in the current context; so much so that today it has become necessary for programmatic advertising, both for the optimization of the supply chain (SPO) and for media buying. quality. On the other hand, the study highlights the following conclusions, among others:

Digital marketers understand the importance of incorporating media quality into digital media buying optimization strategies.

93% of media professionals believe evaluating the quality of ad sales platforms (SSPs) is important in calculating performance.

91% of experts say quality per thousand impressions (qCPM) is important for evaluating the performance of the advertising supply chain.

53% of media professionals think it’s important to know how much advertising is spent on low-quality media.

Visibility of media quality and cost facilitates understanding of SSP performance and optimization decisions during the purchasing process.

69% of marketers consider media quality spend when making decisions about optimizing the purchasing process.

53% of media professionals believe that adding media quality to cost measures provides more insight into investments.

Adding quality metrics increased media professionals’ confidence in purchasing process optimization decisions by 12%.

Industry can increase the use of DSPs through knowledge of data centralization, training and process automation.

53% of media professionals can leverage third-party platforms that centralize data sharing from DSPs (Automated Ad Purchase Platforms).

52% of media professionals would benefit from better guidance on how to interpret performance measures.

49% of media professionals could benefit from more automation resulting from the use of information in optimizing pre-bid segments.

“Advertisers are demanding more transparency in their programmatic purchases and want to make sure they are getting quality inventory for ad spend. Expanding programmatic reach has meant serving the same ad inventory across multiple domains. This is where Quality Path Optimization (QPO) comes in,” he says. Yannis Dosios, IAS Vice President of Trade.

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