SeaCoast integra la tecnología blockchain y los token para impulsar la industria marítima

SeaCoast combines blockchain technology and tokens to support the shipping industry

Having launched ShoreView three years ago to visualize all the opportunities on the coast through augmented reality, the company is now leading a revolution on the coast. blockchain to develop and promote the creation of quality content related to navigation and coastal entertainment.

SeaCoast is one of the most original token-based projects in the world. Spain. SeaCoast aims to connect all beach-bound agencies to enhance leisure and business activities through technology. blockchain.

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Currently, coastal users use a variety of tools to exchange services of all kinds, from navigation to entertainment or water sports app. SeaCoast uses blockchain grouping all these services and making it easier for the relevant agents to exchange and monetize them.

in an interview for forbesJosé Manuel Arnaiz, CEO of SeaCoast, explains that the project is based on the creation of a “content universe” on a virtual platform. The platform in question includes a system it is in. the community itself, which rates content with a reward system blockchaincreate a schema network 3.0.

“The benefits for users also provide benefits for the ecosystem of marine and coastal companies, which number in the hundreds of thousands.”

Different forms of financing

Company, launched ShoreView three years ago to visualize all the opportunities. The promotion of coasts through augmented reality is now leading a maritime revolution. blockchain to develop and promote the creation of quality content related to navigation and coastal entertainment.

According to the SeaCoast team, about 70 percent of accidents On charter boats, it occurs at the entrance and exit of ports where SeaCoast offers to direct the captain directly to the mooring or departure point. using the augmented reality application PortView.

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In this way, it is aimed to achieve a significant reduction in accidents, and this will also be reflected in the insurance premiums paid by the companies that own the boats, and thus in the prices paid by the users.

So, although the project may seem like a simple control application with a set of content; bases its entire economy on Blockchain and markers marine Another source of income for his project is a ICObased on markers guarantee regarding the marine ecosystem.

“Spain is a country with a long coastline and a significant part of its economy is related to sea, beach and water sports. Coastal and sea tourism arouses a lot of interest. this markers They are the core element of the exchange and warranty on the platform. a project using blockchain provide superior benefit to a large ecosystem. We have no doubt that they will receive a nice welcome.”

awards in markers These are based on the rating assigned to the content of the platform.

“In return, the creator of the content will have to share the rewards it receives from consumers with its owner. contents will take love depending on the quality perceived by consumers and more love, more rewards. In short, a productive cycle in which the quality of the content is improved. markers

In addition, as mentioned earlier, it includes the SeaCoast platform such as PaperBoat, ShoreView for port management and mooring reservation. apps augmented reality for the coastline or the aforementioned PortView.

Enriches the platform by allowing information to be shared between ports and users always by sharing new information to keep the service constantly up to date for the benefit of all participants with attractive payment incentive $COAST is the newly created token for the upcoming SeaCoast ICO.

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$COAST is the native token of the SeaCoast platform, In addition to being a tool that rewards those who help keep the information up to date within the application, it also makes payments within the application and earns larger rewards according to the number of tokens each user has.


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