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At the last K fair, the company announced the launch of the 3,000-ton machine.

Editorial Office23.11.2022

After 6 years as a distributor and with over 100 machines sold Being, S.L.., distributor and official technical service Shibura In Spain and Portugal, he shares his “total satisfaction with the Japanese brand due to the high quality of its machines and practically zero maintenance needs”.

Daichi Mukaeda, commercial director of Shibaura Machine Europe; Emili Puebla, commercial director, Olmaq SL and Jose Luis Olmos, CEO of Omaq SL

Shibaura offers a wide range of all-electric machines ranging from 50 tons to 2,500 tons to date, and in the last Ffria K 2022, the launch of the 3,000 tons machine was announced as a result of the technological evolution in the 100% electric machine. Since 30 years ago.

Shibaura started its journey in the 50s by specializing in aluminum, zamak and plastic injection molding machines and ultra-precision machining centers. It was later integrated into a consortium of companies, resulting in Toshiba, meaning Tokyo Shibaura. Finally, in 2021, Shibaura decided to leave the Toshiba consortium and resume his solo path.

Shibaura manufactures machines in Numazu, Gotemba and Sagami factories in Japan, Shanghai factory in China, India and Thailand and maintains a commercial presence on all continents through its own offices or official distributors.

Olq, SL technical team shares the advantages of this technology: “Experience has shown us that Shibaura machines require minimal maintenance, which is often in addition to the supply of lubricating grease cartridges for linear guides where the tension of the transmission belts of different groups (injection and closure) slides over the closure and injection assembly”.

They say, “Our machines can work in any environment and do not need any cooling system because the environment itself, that is, air, acts as a cooler.”

Another very important aspect is mechanical robustness, from the smallest to the largest, since they are machines in which no material is spared for durability and longevity, sliding the closing and injection groups on linear guides ensures a perfect balance between them. robustness and energy saving.

For Shibaura, energy savings, precision and low maintenance cost are some of the distinguishing features that make them one of the main competitive advantages of the brand.


Jose Luis Olmos, Becoming CEO SL

It is interesting that Shibaura manufactures all the components of its machines in-house, from the servo motors developed specifically for this application to the servo amplifiers, the V70 control and the entire set of electronic boards that make up it. control. This allows the controller to have the fastest data processing and shortest scanning time currently available on the market, as well as to practically store all of the energy it generates in the injection process, especially during braking, in specially designed capacitors. Using it at the beginning of every movement without demanding power from the mains until these capacitors are discharged, starting the charge cycle at any braking moment or taking advantage of the charge back pressure that causes energy consumption is well below average, making it probably the most energy efficient machine on the market.


Shibaura all-electric machines are extremely fast machines with very high acceleration and braking ramps, which means they reach top speed much sooner and brake much later than conventional machines, so more for any top speed movement. you will be there. a shorter cycle time to be able to include high speed motors if the application requires it.

Also, they add, “in processes where prolonged clamping force is required, our machines can maintain said clamping force at the same value as the maximum injection pressure for as long as needed without heating the servo motors or servo amplifiers, causing the machine to stall.”

Shibaura Elektrik IMM maintains its presence in the main markets with its state-of-the-art technology and human capital, and stands out in the markets with the highest precision and energy efficiency requirements.

“Our commercial technical team is happy to provide them with all the benefits and information they need, with personalized views,” Olq concludes.

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