Technology and communist revolutions in the 21st century –

Technology and communist revolutions in the 21st century –

Currently, a country’s government cannot win with guerrillas: it is easier to win elections electronically than to arm militias!!” pukymon

There was one thing Cuban revolutionaries learned; First the Russian communists with the KGB, and then the Chinese with their cutting edge technology, have the best weapon and the best mechanism for capture and control in the 21st century, with information technology and manipulation of people and governments. strength.

Communist and populist regimes in this century; For the management of political power, they use the most advanced techniques of intelligence, counterintelligence, propaganda, information and advanced social control technologies, covert and selective pressure on opposition leaders, and by this they appropriate, rule and control their populations and countries.

Knowledge is power; cybernetics, computer science are tools of the populist Party: “Don’t let anything move until we know it. Identity card, birth, death, marriage, divorce registration, house and vehicle sales should not be ignored. Deposits and bank transfers, domestic or international trips, messages, tweets cannot take place without our knowledge.
And most importantly, everyone knows or believes that the Party holds all the information, that nothing escapes it, and that it can take swift action against anyone whenever it comes to mind and decides to do it.

Since Judges, Prosecutors and Courts are under command and control, this is fear and placing everything very legally. Punishment by a judge under your command can be more damaging and more frightening than your security forces beating any of your opponents. . Let them fear you because it is better to be feared than loved!
Fidel’s most advanced disciple, Hugo Chávez, explains to his followers:
“Power must be complete to be truly power”… “Power is forever, otherwise it is not power”…. “Power is not shared; it is either completely used or completely lost.”

Power in Venezuela depends on five things: money, knowledge, intimidation, concentration and firepower.
1. Money: check the oil.
2. Info: check the media.
3. Intimidation: control the public through selective and anonymous violence and judicial harassment.
4. Concentration: Controlling state institutions that limit the President’s power, in particular the National Assembly, the courts, and the National Electoral Council, which is tasked with organizing and overseeing elections.
5. Firepower: absolute control of the armed forces.

Cocalero populism and its seasoned recipe.

Following the teachings of the Castrochavista patrons; Masistas, coca-growing populists, expand and color the recipe to conquer and maintain power; they are using racism, they are fueling hatred, they are destroying the lives and economy of peoples who resist them. They send their hosts to attack and strike their Intercultural flocks; To support the police, vandals and plant incriminating evidence; Judges and Prosecutors try and imprison what they decide.

What is most dangerous to the citizens and slandering the Establishment of Order is that masismo has turned the police into Orc hordes that attack, beat, gasse and kill people on the orders of their Jilakata.

As all these actions spread and go viral via social media, masismo’s communicators immediately turn the situation around, accusing the citizens of Santa Cruz and Bolivia of fencing, robbery, demolition of public buildings, beatings, mutilation and death. peoples. I mean, from everything the Government has done and done by vandalistic landlords.

Bolivia and other followers of Castrochavismo follow all of his teachings and have permanent advice that is not free. An Electoral System designed to win elections has been implemented. Software to manipulate data, win elections and manage the population is in situation rooms with hundreds of computers they manage, while Hardware is on the streets with thousands of activists from social and intercultural movements, city blockers and fencers.

Masista electoral system manipulates census data, Electoral log and whatever is available for it. Now there is a false struggle, the opposition naively asking for the 2023 Census, thinking that with more time a better census can be made and the data will be published so that it can be included in the 2025 election process Register.

The truth is, things are done when you want and quickly with modern technologies and MAS doesn’t want the Census because it doesn’t win without fraud, it doesn’t want proof of manipulation of the vote counting system, nor the Census has been manipulated, so we don’t want to do it or at least postpone it and the winner is 2019. prefers to be able to make 2025 elections with its software.

Those of us who demand an accurate Census must first take the commitment of MAS to print nationally and internationally and make this census accurate, to be monitored by international organizations, to have access to information and MAS software, and to verify its accuracy. .
We know that the most important thing is a new audited electoral roll with accurate data, a cartographic update and a redefinition of constituencies, the election that considers the population with the right parliamentary representation. The rest will follow.

In a conversation we had between President Arce and the Vice President, he said, “Of course, the census approaching the election will cause problems. Let’s be honest, then in the economic part, resources and political seats are controversial. That’s why we cheat, why we lie”. Evo Morales on Sunday, November 13, 2022. Kawsachun coca, wañuchun q’aras!


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