What are the usual doubts of older adults about digital banking procedures?

What are the usual doubts of older adults about digital banking procedures?

Learning to shop and pay with your phone or debit card is getting easier (Credit: Getty)

It’s not easy for everyone to use the Internet to shop or pay their bills, whether on a computer, at an ATM, or via a phone app. Especially for older people It can mean a path with many doubts and disappointments until it is incorporated into daily life.. Direct personal contact or at least Personalized help that makes it easy to access and learn to use new technologies.

Considering these concerns and needs in the use of digital channels, Banco Santa Cruz took the initiative to accompany this group of customers and big words. In this very accessible space, she answers the most frequently asked questions from seniors, as well as providing guidance and training on various digital banking procedures.

The most frequently asked questions by seniors when transacting at the bank in this video.

“We are working on the different problems and needs of seniors and through this program we are trying to put them at the center, providing them with tools and support that can help them with their day-to-day banking,” said Banco Santa Cruz.

After identifying the main consultations of the elderly regarding various procedures, The bank has prepared the special material to provide them with adequate support and all the tools so that they can be managed from a computer or mobile phone. and that they are not dependent on going to a branch or helping a family member.

about a website dedicated to answering questions, offering guidance and educationIn addition fix the most common problems old people who want to learn to use home banking and smartphones to conduct banking transactions. A number of are offered tutorials and simulators for the use of new technologies.

Among the most frequently asked questions what to do if pin code is blockedThis is the number required to use a debit card at an ATM. It is very simple to solve: one of the options call the bank’s customer service center or enter Key Words and “unlock my keys Access the instructions for generating a new key.

Another way to solve this problem very easily is make it out of it home banking on the computer. What should be clear is that this is a simple process. will allow you to continue working immediately.

Another issue that may pose difficulties for people who are not accustomed to these financial transactions is; how to transfer money to another account, to make a payment or a simple money transfer. for him available three channels that let you do it very easily.

the only way the home banking the bank where the account is held. also can be done via ATM or banking app The customer needs to download it to their mobile phone. The process is fast and the money is deposited immediately and besides, avoid traveling from one place to another by carrying cash with you.

Required to perform this transfer Possession of CBU or buyer’s nickname. At the ATM with your own debit card and home banking or to the phone app login with username and password corresponding

A third very common question is how to check latest account activity, either balance, transfers and consumptions or other account related information. this too You can find out by entering home bankingbank application or ATM.

To practice how to follow these procedures and to clear all doubts, you should: Use the simulator available on the Palabras Mayores site. With these resources, which are now accessible to every elderly person and easy to learn, they will be able to perform all banking transactions with confidence and agility.

In this direction, Banco Santa Cruz designed and adopted a communication with original content for customers in the segment. development of this web page with a simpler language and easy access and navigation. Through the portal, pensioners and retirees can also get information about various special benefits and other items updated every week in pharmacies, access priority attention in the Contact Center (0800 555 7278), and learn about the payment schedule, among other benefits.

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