For a sustainable automotive industry where technology is key

For a sustainable automotive industry where technology is key

The automotive industry is on the road to sustainability. A competition as important as Formula 1, which brings together thousands of professionals and fans every year, could not ignore something as important as caring for the planet at this point. commitment Formula 1 Management (FOM)The owner of Formula 1, today exactly net zero on carbon emissions as part of their sustainability strategy, and they do not walk alone to achieve this goal. With ferrarione of the excellent Formula 1 teams and Santander BankIts official sponsor has formed a team that supports initiatives and solutions for the environment where technological development is key.

As part of this sponsorship agreement, Santander X Global Challenge | Countdown to Zero, A global entrepreneurial challenge aimed at beginnings and scaling with the aim of finding innovative and sustainable solutions for the automotive world in different areas such as mobility, logistics and transportation, and alternatives to offset carbon emissions. The ‘green area’ was established for the award at the award ceremony held on October 28, which coincides with the Mexican Formula 1 Grand Prix. The best offers from over 600 projects from 11 countries

How can solutions have a critical impact in the future? How can you make logistics and transportation greener? Will they be able to solve problems attributed to trucks, boats or planes? How to achieve effective carbon offsetting through innovative CO2 absorption, capture and use programmes? These are the issues that need to be addressed. and that the selected projects tried to respond to.

The winners with the ambition to contribute to the race to achieve zero emissions were six: Concrete4Change (United Kingdom), Staxy (England) and ucaneo (Germany) in the startup category (30,000 euro prize between the trio) and Spanish Cedrion, H2SITE and Zeleros in scalings (90,000 Euros to distribute). Bearing in mind that they can now present their ideas to Formula 1 executives and work with InnoEnergy, a company funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) in its growth plan to support sustainable energy development in Europe.

“Zeleros develops solutions to guarantee system reliability and security and optimize infrastructure costs,” he explains. david pistonco-founder and CEO of this Valencia company hyperloop was the winner: a sustainable means of transport with a similar concept to a kind of continental-level metro network connecting different capitals and countries.

“It is sustainable, automatic and ultra-fast; it is designed to transport passengers and goods. It is an electric vehicle that does not create direct emissions, its infrastructure adapts to the orography of the region, protects it from external environmental conditions and has a carrying capacity. Pistoni adds that by 2030 technology, certifications and standards may be ready to operate this transport vehicle and its use could reduce more than 6 billion tons of Co2 by 2050.

In addition, both Zeleros and other award-winning companies, Santander X100A global business community dedicated to Santander X’s key projects whose purpose is to help start-ups, micro-entrepreneurs and SMEs find and connect with the resources they need to grow.

In short, the future of the automotive industry is to make this planet a better world without neglecting the sectors that contribute a lot at the social and economic level, by realizing their projects thanks to the encouragement of initiatives such as Santander X Global Challenge / Countdown to Zero supported by Banco Santander and FOM. That’s why it’s equally important to highlight other project ideas featured in this issue: an app that encourages sharing of low-cost vehicles, technology that can capture CO2, or more efficient cooling devices for electric cars, and more. . Everything has a clear purpose, as Zeleros CEO rightly points out: The future of the automotive industry is “more sustainable, electrified and shared”.

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