Technology and Health Foundation gives “Technology and Health” Awards together with Fenin

Technology and Health Foundation gives “Technology and Health” Awards together with Fenin

Technology and Health Foundation, organized in cooperation with the Spanish Federation of Health Technology Companies Fenin. Delivery of “Technology and Health 2022” AwardsAt an event that took place at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid and also commemorates the 15th anniversary of the Foundation in question.

there was a move Headed by Minister of State for Health Silvia Calzóncongratulated the winners as well as Foundation and Fenin. These awards, given since 2009, are a clear example of excellence, innovation and commitment to technology in the service of health.” The Minister of State for Health also underlined that “these awards ultimately mean: Recognize and encourage the day-to-day work of professionals, institutions, patient associations and entrepreneurs who stand out for their contribution to health and thus to improving the life of the population”.

According to Margarita Alfonsel, secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Technology and Health Foundation and general secretary of Science, “this type of behavior is very important, among other reasons, because give us the opportunity to make visible the value and social contribution of this technology“The undisputed hero of our healthcare, especially in times like the current transformation of the healthcare system”. He also noted that the Foundation carries out valuable work such as “being the link between the Health Technology industry, patients and society as a whole.”

Technology and Health Foundation (FTYS) President, Professor Fernando Bandresunderlined the role of this organization as “a strategic partner of patients, professionals and the health system through its work to expand and promote education, prevention, health education and safety in health care”. All while contributing to the development of health technology as a key agent in health care and the transformation of the health system towards a more modern, flexible and digital system. Professor Bandres promoted cooperation for health technology “to be recognized as a fundamental and priority element in the design and management of health plans and policies in our country”.; a great common goal”.

Recognition of a research career

“Recognition of Technology and Health Foundation 2022” dropped About the Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela (IDIS) For the studies conducted by this translational biomedical research center With regard to improving the health of the population. This center was able to benefit from the synergies of the Santiago de Compostela Hospital Complex and the University of Santiago de Compostela, publishing more than 1,000 scientific articles, editorials and reviews throughout 2021.

Prize Dr. Collected by Mª Luz CouceScientific director of IDIS since 2021, stating that “this award represents recognition as an institution of the path taken by the Institute for Health Research Santiago de Compostela” a commitment to be at the forefront of health technology tools that help improve citizens’ healthand, if possible, a greater commitment to transfer technological innovation to healthcare”.

Dedicated to Alzheimer’s patients

Awarded the “Science Award for Health Technological Innovation 2022” Dr. To Mercè BoadaNeurologist and Doctor of Medicine from the University of Barcelona, ​​also founder and medical director of the ACE Alzheimer’s Center in Barcelona, For his contributions and scientific and social leadership in the field of Alzheimer’s disease. His health and social work has led to the establishment of specialized centers in Catalonia for the diagnosis and care of patients with dementia.
As an award winner, Dr. Boada wanted to emphasize that “the brightest moments in history were written by schools, universities, civil society and governments, always under the curious, daring and risky gaze of research.”

What do you think, “talent, innovation, creativity and resource management are the pillars of achieving excellence.”. The neurologist also thanked the Foundation for trying to facilitate this shared goal: “Thanks to the Technology and Health Foundation for their continued work in disseminating knowledge and innovation in health technology, changing paradigms, and applying new processes for the benefit of global health.” stressful.

Improving the lives of people with oncohematological diseases

The FTYS Award for the 2022 Best Patient Support Organization was presented to the owners. To the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation (FLL) for its contribution to the search for improved treatment and its work in accompanying, informing and educating those affected.

received the award Adrian Alegre LoveThe FLL president said, “It is a great honor for FLL to receive this distinction because of the great reputation these awards represent. This recognition encourages us to continue our work by providing comprehensive support to oncohematology patients as our main goal.”

Because of their seriousness and complexity, these patients represent a major challenge and require everyone’s support.. We believe that we have given this support in our 22-year history and we intend to continue to develop in line with this goal.”

Teach to take care of yourself and take care of yourself

Awarded “FTYS Award 2022 for Best Education and Prevention Program Promoted by an Autonomous Community” For the educational activities organized by the Junta de Andalucía Department of Health and Consumption to the “School of the Patients” to learn and teach the best ways to take care of yourself. He deserved this recognition for his pursuit of a better quality of life for patients, including patients, caregivers, family members, associations and citizens in general.

The award was received by the general director of the Andalusian School of Public Health (EASP). Blanca Fernandez-Capel“This award recognizes the work of not only the Andalusian School of Public Health, but also all health professionals who support the stimulating educational activities of the Andalusian Public Health System of the Ministry of Health and Consumption from their centers and this program and of course the originality and added value to this project. continues to support educated patients who add

Dr. Fernández-Capel, “The health system promotes this through the Andalusian Patient School” Peer support led by healthcare professionals, where patient educators learn and teach the best ways to care for themselves, and professionals prepare content and resources for each disease addressed”. “On behalf of all of them, I thank Fenin for the recognition this award gives to his work.”

Home care facility

“FTYS Award for Best Home Care Program for Chronic Patients Promoted by an Autonomous Community 2022” “Galicia Home Hospitalization Plan 2019-2023” Ministry of Health in Xunta de Galicia. This project is designed as a model of care for the future, focusing on the needs of the patient. One of the core values ​​of this initiative is Incorporating new technologies as tools to facilitate quality of care and patient safety, which is all the more important due to the aging of the populationincrease in chronicity and patients’ willingness to receive home care.

The award was as follows: Raquel Vazquez MourelleGalicia Health Service (Sergas) Deputy General Director of Hospital Care expressed his gratitude to the Technology and Health Foundation and all the professionals who dedicate themselves every day to patients requiring hospitalization for this profession and sensitivity. characterizes and is particularly valued by Galicians as it affects their own and their families’ quality of life and reduces healthcare-related complications. We’ve spent years integrating new technologies in healthcare, as a tool to facilitate quality and patient safety” in his speech.

Unity between the knowledge of healthcare professionals and industry

this The “inDemand Project” led by the Murcia Region Development Institute (INFO) and this autonomous community was promoted by the Ministry of Health and awarded with the “FTYS Award 2022 for the Best Technological Innovation in Health Promoted by an Autonomous Community”, for the use of new technologies to improve healthcare. This award shows the benefits of combining the knowledge and experience of healthcare professionals, technology companies, and the possibilities offered by innovation and digitalization.

Award collected by Francisco Jose Ponce, managing director of the Murcian Health Service. “InDemand recommends a new model where the enterprise is demand-driven and professionals present needs in a concrete and organized way, then choosing the best solution from among the solutions offered by the company and co-creating the product from the ground up in collaboration with users, whether they are healthcare professionals or patients,” he explained. According to him, “this project has helped to improve the health and quality of life of all citizens by contributing to the development, implementation and diffusion of technological innovations”.

Protect the lives of pregnant women and newborn babies

“Entrepreneurship in Health Technology 2022 Science Award” found its owners. Basque initiative Innitius for the creation of the medical device for prenatal diagnosis and the chance for successful labor induction called “The FineBirth”..

Company’s goal reduce the number of unnecessary hospitalizations Pregnant patients exposed to false preterm birth threats reduce system costs, prevent them from receiving medication, overexposure is associated with long-term risk of sequelae to mother and fetus, and optimize workflow and reduce the subjective decision-making process of professionals.

“This award recognizes the work of a young, ambitious and socially dedicated team over the years, thanks to the support of institutions such as the University of Granada, the Andalusian Health Service, Bizkaia State Council, ENISA and SPRI”, stated. Ruben MolinaCEO and co-founder of Innitius.

We will continue to work on our first product, ‘FineBirth’, thereby improving the lives of millions of pregnant women and newborn babies worldwide”.

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