Vodafone will train more than 400 people on 5G technology from Huelva

Vodafone will train more than 400 people on 5G technology from Huelva

An FP training program for employment in 5G technologies begins its journey in Huelva. Given by the Junta de Andalucia in vodafone Integrates Knowledge and Innovation, 405 people from Huelva will be trained, divided into nine training actions. With a regional budget of 4.8 million euros, the project will train more than 3,000 Andalusians over the next two years with the tools and knowledge necessary to develop their professional careers at companies currently requesting this type of profile.

In total, the program has 486,000 hours distributed across 72 versionsTo train 3,240 Andalusians in the workforce skills necessary to enter the professional world of 5G technology, a sector in high demand for professionals. While the positions are predominantly for the unemployed, 30% of vacancies will be reserved for employed workers who are interested in the subject, can acquire new skills and thus have better professional prospects.

employment district representative, alberto santanaannounced that the cities selected to teach the program are Seville, Algeciras, Malaga, Villacarrillo and Huelva in the state of Jaén. Nine courses will have a period of 150 hours eachIt will revolve around three specific specializations in a hybrid teleeducation model (80%) and a face-to-face format (20%): Programming for IoT and smart city solutions applicable to 5G environments, Programming in artificial intelligence and big data applicable to 5G environments Y Virtual reality and augmented reality programming applicable in 5G environments.

Alberto Santana, “According to data from the third Study on the State of Digitization of Spanish Companies and Public Administrations, Nearly 50% of companies and 55% of public administrations see 5G as a suitable technology for their organizations. With the implementation of this FP program for Employment in Andalusia, the benefits of cooperation between the public initiative and the private sector are beyond doubt. In this case, the advantage is doubled because we expect new, highly specialized professional profiles to emerge that will soon become reality and will be in high demand.”

Students interested in these educational actions can learn and request inscription on the web: www.formacionen5G.es.

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vodafone Spain has been the telecommunications operator in a joint venture with Integra Conocimiento & Innovación, selected by the Junta de Andalucía to equip the five centers where face-to-face training will be provided for the program with 5G technology and the necessary technical requirements. . As a center accredited by the Junta de Andalucía Employment Council, Integra will be the company responsible for imparting their educational expertise to students.

Its team of professionals, technologies and pedagogical experience This consultancy company will provide the necessary methodology for the participants’ learning process to be effective and successful.

sectors such as Tourism and Major Distribution, Automotive, Retail and Major Logistics and TransportationThey were the main beneficiaries of the development of 5G technology in our country, not forgetting the Industry in subjects such as Robotics and IoT, Smart cities or the eHealth sector.

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