27 tech news to start the morning |  technology

27 tech news to start the morning | technology

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State new York banned for two years cryptocurrency mining with polluting energy. The siege on Bitcoin and other energy wasters is closing worldwide.

Honor presented yesterday folding pocket, magic vs.and Honor 80 Y 80 proWith 160 Mpx camera and curved OLED screen.

For the first time in 30 years two new Spanish astronauts at the European Space Agency. Wanted pablo alvarez Y sara garciaand both from Leon.

tech news

Cryptocurrency mining banned for the first time in the US. Read the news

Vodafone has launched a plan called Hogar 5G, which aims to provide ultra-fast broadband to homes and businesses. Read the news

Elon Musk’s fortune destroyed: Twitter and Tesla a pit of million-dollar losses. Read the news

Bitcoin on the verge of collapse after losing more than 50% of its addresses. Read the news


Delete these apps from your mobile phone: they are infected with viruses that will drain your bank account. Read the news

Honor presents its new folding smartphone Magic Vs, which will be launched in Europe in 2023.. Read the news

Such are the new Honor 80 and Honor 80 Pro smartphones with a 160 Mpx main camera and curved OLED screen. Read the news

Analysis of the Huawei Mate 50 Pro, an attack on the throne of the TOP series. Read our analysis and opinion

Apple continues to escalate issues in China and this could affect us all. Read the news

Best apps for iPhone and Android mobiles with which you can turn your photos into paintings. check list

Computers and tablets

If you need more CPU power, Intel will give it to you if you pay: micropayment processors. Read the news

Differences between Thunderbolt and USB-C: same connector, different technology. Read the news

Life style

Why is Lild able to resell its cheap Thermomix in Spain? Read the news

The big benefit of using an air fryer that no one is talking about. Read the news

TikTok: what it is, how it works, tips and how to make money with your videos. read the report

Serious security mistake that many make by deactivating their Twitter account. Read the news

Your WiFi network is running slower because of these devices. Read the news

Coupons Black Friday 2022: Amazon, AliExpress and other stores with gift coupons. Read the news

According to OCU, the vast majority of Black Friday deals are more expensive than they were a few months ago. Read the news

fun and play

Kaleidoscope is the new series that changes according to the order you see the episodes. Read the news

When will Spain play at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar: days, times and where will the national team matches be watched? Read the news

Mobile games were the first step: Netflix will make the leap to other platforms with a AAA game. Read the news


The best remedies to prevent your car windows from fogging up. Read the news

science and culture

Get rid of mobile addiction with one of the solutions below. Read the news

Pablo Álvarez and Sara García, two new ESA Spanish astronauts capable of traveling to the Moon and Mars. Read the news

Curiosities of the day

Quick challenge: Only 1% of people can understand what’s going on in this picture. Read the news

Gillbert is a robot fish that filters microplastics from the water using its gills. Read the news

this happened Summary of today’s tech news. Have a nice day!

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