CORES of Science and Technology evaluates business plan and implementation in Atacama – RADIO MARAY

CORES of Science and Technology evaluates business plan and implementation in Atacama – RADIO MARAY

The resources are part of the Local Cultural Management Fund of the Red Cultura Program and will make it possible to recruit artists and works to create a billboard for cultural centers in these communes.

Strong support for local artistic and cultural programs in 62 municipalities of the country, including Copiapó, Vallenar and Huasco, through the Red Cultura program of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage.

This was announced by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Roberto Córdova González, during the signing of the resource transfer agreement with the mayor of Vallenar, Armando Flores Jiménez, officials of the Huasco Cultural Corporation and the state presidential delegate. Huasco, Rodrigo Loyola Morenilla at the Víctor Acosta Aguilera Cultural Center.

Ser Humano Cultural Center, which also provides funding for these cultural areas of Vallenar and Huasco communes, will enable it to strengthen its 2023 programming.

“These resources from the Local Cultural Management Fund through our Red Cultura program enable us to engage our artists and cultural reactivation through the municipality of Vallenar, the Huasco Cultural Institution and the Ser Humano Cultural Center in Copiapó. and as mandated by President Gabriel Boric, work with everyone and reach all regions with culture to provide a cultural billboard to these spaces”, emphasized Seremi Roberto Córdova.

The mayor of Vallenar, Armando Flores Jiménez, stated that these resources are of interest to the municipality, “because they allow us to activate the infrastructure we have, but also allow us to do something very important to our development plan and involve the community in culture and the arts, mobility and This is our mission to promote cultural revitalization, community reunification, community building and progress in collective projects. I am very happy that they have applied for these funds and allocated resources to us because they give us the opportunity to mobilize our community for the benefit of this great project for a better society and that goes for us as well. and after being unemployed for such a long time there is something they do all the time, like working with artists and re-enabling them, and through these resources they are re-mobilized and have a source of income. next,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister Julieta Brodsky Hernández said, “Through the Red Culture programme, we support the management and programming of the municipality’s cultural spaces, reactivate the industry, improve public spaces and create employment for local artists and administrators. They are fresh resources that will make it possible to finance art seasons, reclaim public spaces, summer cultural billboards, festivals, workshops and many other events taking place in the communes of the country from different disciplines such as theatre, dance, music. and others,” she said.


In the case of Vallenar, resources will allow the creation of cultural planning and programming for the Víctor Acosta Aguilera Cultural Center for 8 months, lasting a total of eight days, celebrating the craftsmen, Christmas in Vallenar, Ranchera Romantic Evening, Women’s Day, Dance Day Celebration, Theater Day Celebration, Identity Music, and Holiday Magic.

Within the framework of the program workshops, talks, artistic presentations and Chilean documentaries from the MiraDoc catalog in Huasco, intangible cultural heritage, indigenous peoples, natural heritage, older adults, LGTBIQ, feminism, historical and artistic heritage, which will be held at the Padre Luis Gil Cultural Center building, will mediate with local and national artists.

Awarded by the Ser Humano Cultural Center and named Circuit REC, it was one of the best-reviewed along with what was presented at the national level; Copiapó with workshops, presentations, talks, among other artistic-cultural acts.

Through this fund, the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage will finance artist contract expenses, payments for copyright and/or related rights, publication, remote transfer-related expenses, fees and technical charts, accommodation and transfers, and sanitation-related expenses. areas in the context of the development of the project.

Check the list of selected projects, waiting list and non-compliance here:ürel-yerel-2022/

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