Impressive machines that express the greatness of current technology

Impressive machines that express the greatness of current technology

Technological advances have been what best defines our society. Impressive and very rapid developments that enable us to live a much more comfortable, safe and peaceful life today. A good example is aerospace and maritime technology, especially those related to the transport of goods, which is essential for us to access thousands of products from all over the world.

World’s largest container ship

In this sense, a great example of the impressiveness of new technologies is precisely progress made by the maritime industry, one who can make the most of modern tools and equipment to create ships that are much safer, larger, less polluting and of impressive capacity.

In fact, one of the most impressive developments in the sector in recent days is that related to the sector. largest container ship In the world capable of transporting more and less than the equivalent of 24,000 TEUs, or in other words the equivalent of 24,000 one-Teu containers.

This impressive ship was built with the most modern equipment. and its size is simply impressive. However, it is important to note that despite its large size, it is much less polluting than other smaller vessels as well as older vessels. Undoubtedly, its most interesting advantage is that thanks to its impressive capacity, it can transport much more goods at once, which translates into less waiting time.

On the other hand, one of the goals of HMM, the company responsible for the construction of this ship, is to improve environmental capabilities. Therefore, besides being largest container ship in the world, It also stands out for having a purification system that ensures it fully complies with the new environmental protection standards, especially the IMO 2020 standard. Likewise, the engine has the highest efficiency and even the body has been optimized to minimize the impact on the environment. .

The Panamanian-flagged vessel will be named HMM Algeciras and is the first of twelve major vessels to sail soon. Undoubtedly, the large dimensions of these vessels, together with the advanced technological system from which they are built, translates into many advantages both for the environment and for customers around the world, because thanks to their large capacity, it is possible to reduce the supply. times for all kinds of products, including the most necessary. Same way, By reducing the frequency of travel, you also contribute to the protection of the environment.

The giant of the sky is back

The seas will now be driven by the world’s largest container ship, and the sky welcomes another of the world’s most impressive giants, temporarily parked due to the pandemic.

about Airbus A380is an impressive machine capable of carrying 853 passengers on two consecutive decks. The health emergency due to Covid-19 among other reasons was one of the main reasons why this aircraft model was discontinued, but, paradoxically, also responsible for its return to the skies.

In this sense, the pandemic situation The main culprit for a significant reduction in staff numbers in the commercial aviation world. Therefore, in the search for solutions, it was decided to remove these giants, which make it easier to carry more passengers with less personnel.

Despite the great advantage of this aircraft model, especially in terms of its capacity, its beginnings were complicated, because its operation was associated with high costs and, as an added problem, only 140 airports worldwide could afford it, given its size.

No doubt, This aircraft model impresses not only with its size, but also with its technology. It is a modern aircraft that offers maximum comfort and safety to passengers, as it has the latest developments in technology necessary for much safer journeys.

Although the future of these aviation giants is not yet clear, it is a fact that they are still very useful right now. And like the world’s largest container ship, it’s a magnificent reflection of the technological progress our society has had.

In the special case of the Airbus A380, it has positioned itself as follows: one of the best options to carry many more passengers, comfortably and safely and without being dependent on so many specialized personnel. It’s not surprising that many of the world’s most important airlines, such as Air France, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Qantas, and of course Airbus’ top customer Emirates, have this aircraft model.

As we mentioned at the beginning, technological progress in the last decades has been simply impressive. These two monsters, one from the seas and the other from aviation, are a great example of this. In general, although their large size causes some problems, represents a multitude of advantages, both in terms of environmental care and practicality, because they carry so much more at once.

As both the world’s largest container ship and the Airbus A380, it represents the best of our society. who always set himself as a goal to surpass himself and to create many more opportunities for all of us who make it up. In this case, it is not only machines of large proportions, but also machines that are safe, modern, comfortable and, as an added advantage, much more environmentally friendly. Undoubtedly, there are many benefits achieved and, of course, perceived by all who make up the economic and social chain, including customers or final consumers.

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