"Technology is the key to deterrence today"

“Technology is the key to deterrence today”

this Space and Defense Industry Seville Summit 2022 opened its doors yesterday in the safe. fibers with a first block under the header Defense as guarantor of collective security in democratic countriesmanager Department of Homeland Securitygeneral Miguel Angel BallesterosHe stressed that “technology is the key to deterrence today” and that to achieve this “you need to invest and do it consistently over time”. The general spoke of his experience in public administration, but he did so with a two-word challenge to the private sector: “Technological foresight.”

Ballesteros is very clear that a country like Spain has zero deterrent power without an investment that guarantees a technological leap forward. It is no longer a matter of accumulating talents, but of making these abilities better than others. In recent years, the means of deterrence have changed, the nuclear one has remained, but for countries that do not have this capacity, quality has replaced quantity.

“You must invest in R&D+i” simplifies the generality that human research teams must make this investment sustainable over time to ensure the effectiveness of stable teams that can reduce time and progress. Say, “Get the insight that gives us the technological difference.” And for this, the general assures that the public and private parties must work together. But Ballesteros talks about not just investing in new products, but improving existing products, keeping them on the cutting edge of technology to do their job.

The general backed up his words with an example. “Given that the average lifespan of a ship, an aircraft or a battle tank is 25 years, if the technology it carries cannot be sustained by changing it, it cannot maintain its deterrent capacity and therefore there is no need for a budget for the purchase. but for sustainability, for the entire life cycle. Of course, both one and the other must happen “within a stable budgetary framework”, which seems to be the real key to everything.

The general’s vision of technology, budgetary stability, and the importance of public-private partnerships was undoubtedly the most supported during the first day of the year. Meeting. One of the speakers who quoted the soldier’s words during his speech was as follows: Soraya Saenz de SantamariaBenefiting from his position between the two worlds, first a minister in Public Administration, now a partner in private. cuatrecasasto start left and right challenges.

In particular, he reminded them that it was they who had the capacity, the volume and the resources. “He should know how to perform his duties,” he insisted, referring to his strengths: “Flexibility, ability to attract talent, agility …”. The public urged him to set end goals and guarantee a legal, budgetary security “and profitability” framework to attract investment. Leveraging the presence of politicians in the chamber, he reminded his colleagues that “none of these challenges can be met in one or two legislatures and cannot be eliminated with every change of government; these challenges require social dialogue and political consensus.” And he finished: “Government agreements and policies are needed.”

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