The best radio tapes for the most nostalgic

The best radio tapes for the most nostalgic

Records, cassettes… the ways of listening to music of the past are present again today. While they have yet to show any signs of their return anytime soon, CD is the format most of us are familiar with because we’ve seen, recorded, scribbled, listened to them more often than we use them. other formats.

But there is no need to return the CD to listen to our favorite music again, because we will undoubtedly still have a good record collection at home. However, over time, we may have lost the legendary radio cassettes in which we listened to music or the radio, or we may no longer work.

Until today. Boomboxes are returning to stores. Moreover, this time with an improved format. Not only does it have legendary CD and radio functions, it also has headphone, Bluetooth and even USB outputs for listening to music on any device.

So, if you want to go back to the sound that left its mark on your generation, we suggest you take a look at our selection of the best radio cassette players for the most nostalgic.

best seller

Top-loading portable CD player, LCD screen and 2×2 W RMS stereo speakers, volume control knob, compatible with CD-MP3 / CD-R / CD-RW. FM radio allows radio stations to be stored up to 20 stations. Play music wirelessly from Bluetooth devices. USB input for reading MP3, AUX input for connecting devices. Support CD player headphone jack output, so as not to disturb others. The portable handle allows you to take it anywhere, even outside.


LONPOO D03BL is a portable radio CD player for kids and adults. The streamlined design makes it easy to listen to the speakers. Simply plug the LONPOO D03 into an outlet to enjoy your favorite CD or radio station at the touch of a button. Easily move it from room to room or even to the garden for an outdoor dance party. Program up to 20 radio stations. The built-in Bluetooth receiver wirelessly streams music from Bluetooth devices such as smartphones and tablets. The USB input port allows MP3/WMA playback from flash drives. With the auxiliary input port, you can play music from a smartphone, desk or PC.


BSL PCD-31 portable boombox with Bluetooth technology with 2W RMS power. CD player compatible with mp3 CD/R/RW music files. Telescopic antenna for built-in FM radio. Enjoy your favorite stations. USB port Mp3 player. LCD screen and volume and playback controls. AUX IN input and headphone output. Portable use with AC 240V, 50/60Hz power outlet, wired and 6 DC 9V “UM2/C” batteries (not included).

best sound

Incredible sound and compact design with the CFD-S70 boombox. This simple unit includes AM/FM radio and mp3 cassette and CD players. Enjoy powerful sound with Mega Bass and preset up to 30 radio stations. Set the sleep timer to automatically turn off the radio when the day is over.

With this selection, you will have all the information you need to choose the cassette player that best suits your music or radio listening style. As we saw earlier, each of the products has a number of features that set it apart from the rest, so we recommend choosing the one that best suits your preferences.

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