This is the incredible technology behind the Netflix series '1899'.

This is the incredible technology behind the Netflix series ‘1899’.

Some of the most unusual scenes 1899 will take place at sea, on an ocean liner Kerberos. They’re also in the middle of a somewhat dreamy version of reality, whose characters change as they understand the nature of their environment.

What seems like the ocean turns into a nightmarish horizon, and the characters’ memories surreal scenes. Slowly argument it changes their perspective and allows us to see that the tangible and the real can have many faces in Kerberos.

Behind the scenes team to create such a visual genius 1899 Used various visual cutting-edge techniques. Also, some of the latest advances to create an almost cinematographic episode that can translate the strange plot.

Among them are several who associate it with productions such as: mandalorianis a pioneer in the use of new ways of creating visual languages. However, in case 1899 He also tried to deepen his mind. reality is reversible and become something completely new. Something that takes every technical effort to achieve.

A journey in visual technology 1899

During its first production, 1899 It was planned to be filmed in real locations, including Spain, Poland, and Scotland. However, due to the COVID health emergency, most of the series had to be shot in one scene. This forced his technical team to work on the possibility of building it. multiple versions of reality through technology. Also, having to emulate the motion concept of a sea voyage. Between both things 1899 It had to be realistic enough to create an immersive reality.

One of the most used trailers in Netflix series was: a huge stage sitting on a turntable. This gave rise to a constant feeling that the perspective of the characters could change. Also that the buoyancy point of Kerberos – or Prometheus – has shifted from side to side. As if that wasn’t enough, virtual sound produced through reverb layers was used to mimic the feeling of open space on stage.

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Dubbed Dark Bay, the effect creates a realistic sense of physical volume, allowing the cast to act under the premise of the physical consistency of the environment. The fruit of Studio Babelsberg’s technical work, the new stage has reached epic proportions. succeeded in almost completely imitating a maritime experience. For showrunners Jantje Frieser and Baran bo Odar were a great challenge based on their vision. 1899. Something that producer Philipp Klausing tried to replicate via Dark Ways.

“What makes Dark Bay and this production special is that it comes from his perspective. from the creators”, explained Klausing interview. “Our entire focus is on a showrunner Who took the picture? This brought many firsts in the industry.”

Bigger, more assertive, more realistic

Friese and bo Odar envisioned a set that could reproduce the point-to-point Kerberos maritime experience. To do this, they drew on Barry Idoine’s insights. photography director mandalorian. They also hired Oscar-winning special effects company Framestore. virtual production Gravity, By Alfonso Cuarón. The idea was to create a new way of filming where the movement and the actual volume of objects and landscapes are crucial. In addition, it can be reproduced precisely in millimeters.

“The real challenge was the lack of sound technology before we started shooting,” explains James Whitlam of the Framestore team. “This meant a large amount of testing. We had some prototypes in London. But they weren’t even close to the same size, so we didn’t know if it would work on screen. They were still pouring the concrete floor for the stage when we wanted to test the actual opening. It was pretty tough, but our team made it through.”


for the team 1899 It was about the possibility of showing life at sea in a convincing and technically realistic way. To reach the goal, created two large physical Kerberos scenarios. The ocean floor and sky were then processed to create a digital version of both. Everything was then projected onto a circular stage containing rain and water atmospheres designed to not damage the equipment.

In the end, the effort between the different production teams succeeded in creating a sufficiently reliable environment for the performance of the actors. Also, maintain a visual path realistic enough to truly mimic the conditions of a recording at sea. One of his greatest visual triumphs 1899 as production.

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