Cádiz City Council will use LED technology to illuminate its neighborhoods and save energy

Cádiz City Council will use LED technology to illuminate its neighborhoods and save energy

local government board Cadiz City Hall, At the session held on Friday, November 25th, the DUSI strategy “EDUSI Cádiz” approved the project’s Health and Safety Plan for the renovation and improvement of infrastructure and public lighting installations to be developed. 2020: A city project within the urban axis (12) of the Multi-Regional Operational Program in Spain 2014-2020, 80% co-financed by FEDER, the European Regional Development Fund”. The text was prepared by the company Alumbrados Viarios, SA (ALUVISA) and assigned the coordination of Health and Safety to Alventia Tecnología y Consultoría SL, which in turn appointed technician Victoria Gordón Quesada.

With this process, the entire luminaire to be assembled led technologyAccording to the City Planning councilor, this would mean “savings in energy consumption, CO2 emissions and expenditures”. Specifically, the installed power will increase from 497.55 kW to 134.66 kW, resulting in 72.9% savings. Energy consumption will be reduced by 73.8%, increasing from approximately 2.3 million kW/h to 601.588 per year.

Energy expenditure will also decrease by 73.8% from 297,079 Euros to 77,796 Euros. Since 919 tons of CO2 is currently produced annually and 240.6 tons of CO2 will be released with this action, CO2 emissions will be reduced at the same rate. Regarding the return on investment, he stated that this is expected within five years.

“By renovating the entire lamp, we are showing our commitment to the neighborhoods of Loreto, Cerro del Moro, Barriada de la Paz, Puntales, Segunda Aguada and Guillén Moreno. A large part of the scores are due to complaints, requests from certain levels of citizens, as well as requests from the neighborhood entities themselves. Thus, we not only reduce light pollution at the detected points, but also activate the necessary lighting at the points where it is needed, and this increases the safety of these streets.”

Also, with reference to the DUSI Strategy, the contract for the operation of the Tourist Information Point on Paseo Marítimo de la Bahía was approved to be awarded to Neocon Bornos 2011, SLU. For an amount of 177,265 euros. On the other hand, the operation of kiosks in Plaza de la Candelaria (corner with Montañés street) and Plaza de San Juan de Dios (corner with Sopranis) was put out to tender.

Similarly, the World War II agreement between the Cádiz City Council and the University of Cádiz and the Cádiz 2000 Municipal Economic Development Association. The agreement to organize the International Information and Blue Economy Meeting -InnovAzul 2022 was also approved. , the City Council contributes 62,712 euros through the Presidential Delegation, as well as to the organization of the Palacio de Congresos.

This event, which will be held next week, aims to promote innovation in the maritime-maritime sectors as a tool to increase public and private competitiveness towards a circular economic model and sustainable development.

Social helps

The Local Board also approved the proposal to implement the remainder of line 2 of the Social Affairs Delegation’s subsidies for nonprofits. The City Council will invest just over 35,000 euros to develop the proposals of the four beneficiary organizations, all of which are on the waiting list for the 1st rank: TDHA Bahía de Cádiz, AEFAM, Rebaño de María and Nuevo Futuro.

Finally, within the scope of social assistance, nine family financial aids amounting to 2,889 Euros and 61 social emergency aids amounting to 33,659.57 Euros were provided.

19 grants of 1,971.45 euros were awarded to pay the electricity bill; seven grants for the annual energy coverage of the electricity tariff; and five bonuses at the electricity rate for pensioners.

On the other hand, six grants were awarded to pay water bills of 394.95 euros, 21 enrollments in the minimum vital water supply program and three bonuses for retirees at the water rate.

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