Don’t throw away the paper, thanks to this discovery it will be used to make cheap electric car batteries.

this waste paperbetween containersbetween bags disposable and also cardboard boxes He may have a much more interesting life than we expected. they found a way convert to be used as component new very important lithium ion batteries It will be used not only for electric cars, but also for smartphones and medical devices. A discovery which could it be make a revolution paper recycling and also, much cheaper batteries For electric cars in the near future.

The discovery was made by scientists at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. we developed technical which could it be recycle waste papercontainers, disposable bags and cardboard boxes key ingredient for lithium-ion batteries used inter alia in electric cars. done by a process called carbonizationwhich paper is converted pure carbon. NTU researchers, paper fibers on the electrodes Thanks to this invention. For this, the paper is exposed to high temperatures and it pure carbon, water vapor and oils they are also used, but as follows: biofuel. And how to do all this in the absence of oxygenAs explained in the description of their research, the amounts of carbon dioxide released are negligible.

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New batteries for electric cars from waste paper, much cheaper and better than recycling

this paper recycling is based on incinerationand in the process they produce large amount of gas greenhouse effect. This means that using paper in this way is not just a process that can cause problems. cheaper batteries but it can also solve some of the big problems that paper recycling has. With this process developed by scientists, create carbon anodes Who has some better electrochemical properties better than existing and durability and flexibility.

The data is surprising because in their tests, these anodes Resistance up to 1,200 cycles loading and unloading, in essence at least twice more than the anodes of current smartphone batteries can withstand. On the other hand, such pure carbon anodes are also withstand more physical stress than existing anodes. The information they provide points to the following points: up to five times more crushing energy absorption. And all this with consuming processes less energy and heavy metals more than existing industry methods for the manufacture of battery anodes. anode up to 15% of the cost of a lithium-ion battery, so this new technique lower the price too much batteries for electric cars.

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The electric car battery industry is already looking for a few years alternative chemical compositions to those used today for various reasons. And one of them is that, contrary to what many consumers believe, lithium-ion batteries very little ecological at the industrial level. Also, they are based very scarce materials and their prices are linked to this strong scarcity. We know that in 2023 first sodium batteriesfrom both CATL and BYD and this is a important step forward.

However, this new production method battery anode The proliferation of electric cars could be the next big step. more green batteries. And interestingly, when we look at more sustainable materials for making batteries, much cheaper. Why? Why? Quite simply, because these more ecological raw materials are also most abundant than the materials used today.

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