Motorola leaves nostalgia behind and seeks to regain the lead in mobile technology |  BUSINESS

Motorola leaves nostalgia behind and seeks to regain the lead in mobile technology | BUSINESS

in the pre-period smart phonesThe legendary phrase “Hello, Moto” announces the latest advances in technology and innovation. motorola It was the fashionable mobile phone and one of the undisputed leaders of the industry. More than ten years have passed since those glorious years, and more than eight years since the emergence of Chinese technology. Lenovo bought the brand and turned it into a mobile business unit. By Álvaro Guerrero, Motorola’s Head of Consumer Sales in Spain and Portugal, integration has been a long and challenging process, especially due to the intense competition in the industry. For this reason, the company assured that “when we go out, we must go and kill.”

“Motorola had a successful year and everyone remembers it with a certain nostalgia. This should be eliminated, we want to be seen as a young, interesting, disruptive brand now. This is one of the biggest challenges for us, but I think we are doing well with all the technology we bring to market. We have teamed up with 200 megapixel cameras, we have the best foldable what’s on the market (…) We’re really competing with top brands, Samsung and Apple. We know it’s a long way to get there, but we have all the tools.” Guerrero continued.

“We now want to be seen as a young, interesting, disruptive brand”

Álvaro Guerrero, President of Motorola Consumer Affairs

Big growth opportunities in B2B

In a review of what Motorola’s business is, Guerrero said the brand is number one in Mexico and Brazil and third in the United States, a feat they are trying to replicate in Europe and Asia.

In the B2B segment (job to job), Huascar Peláez, Business Development Manager for Motorola Smartphones for IberiaMotorola’s 22% growth in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). Apple and Samsung have a monopoly of the market with an 80% share, but according to Peláez, there is an opportunity to become leaders in the service space.

Motorola is the fastest growing manufacturer in the B2B segment (58%)currently represents 10% of its revenue in the EMEA region and between 20% and 25% in Spain.

Services, Motorola’s forerunner

In the B2B segment, Motorola wants to differentiate itself in its service delivery grouped under the Lenovo brand. ThinkShield for mobile, divided into four categories: security, device management, productivity, and its own service tools. Some of these services come for free as they are included in the products, while some are paid for through licenses.

“Safety is the foundation of all services and solutions”

Alexander Sanchez Motorola Mobile Services Business Development Manager

For Alejandro Sánchez, Business Development Manager for Motorola Mobile Services EMEA“Safety is the foundation of all services and solutions”. This is reflected in efforts both in the supply chain (suppliers selection, components, factory processes, response teams, etc.) and in the process itself. equipment and operating system (with or without USB protection, secure boot, key protection, clean OS drivers none apps redundant) and security certificates (such as cryptographic).

They have two services in the productivity category, which according to Sánchez is “an area that will improve a lot due to remote work”: Ready and Moto Talks. Ready For aims to bring the integration between Motorola (mobile phones) and Lenovo (PC) even closer, allowing the mobile phone to be used with a second display or monitor. It has auto-connect features, shared notes, video conferences via mobile camera, notification duplication, and file and app transfers, among other features. Moto Talks is Motorola’s communications and equipment management platform that includes: chatcalls and video conferences, geolocation of equipment via Google Maps, a type of function ‘Radio‘, task management and others.

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