TecnologĂ­a espacial y el blockchain para reforzar la trazabilidad de la cadena agroalimentaria

Space technology and blockchain to strengthen traceability of the agri-food chain

Members of the consortium, led by the Integrasys company, went to the federation headquarters in Seville. Special, Space4Green It also consists of other Spanish organizations such as the CEIT Technology Center, the Lucena Petroleum Protected Determination of Origin Regulatory Council and the Federation of Andalusian Agri-food Cooperatives. It also has two Greek partners: Agrotikos Synetairismos Pellas and Agro APPS. The Estonian company Guardtime OU, the Slovenian innovation center ITC-Inovacijsko Tehnoloski Grozd Murska Sobota and the Cyprus Strategic Omnia Research and Technology Development center are also participating in the project.

Space4Green It will take two years to develop a vehicle based on satellite navigation proposed by the European GNSS Program (EGNSS). In particular, the consortium aims to strengthen the European Union’s strategy for the control of the agri-food chain by combining the technology of European space technology integrated by the Galileo/OS-NMA open navigation message authentication service and Copernicus services. blockchain.

As emphasized by the Andalusian Agri-Food Cooperatives, the “technological offer Space4Green It is innovative in terms of other existing solutions on the market, because to date it has not combined the trust and reliability of data exchange offered by any of them. blockchain with reliable tracking obtained via a satellite navigation system”.

The combination proposed by the consortium also provides members of the chain with reliable data on tracking and traceability throughout the supply chain (obtained through the constellation of Galileo), information on the condition of the commodity such as temperature or humidity (via sensors), and finally. can verify compliance with regulatory requirements from certificates of origin or health certificates.

To validate your prototype, Space4Green chose short food supply chains. Specifically, it is a local Slovenian agri-food system in two Protected Definitions of Origin, one for Spanish oil and the other for Cypriot wine, as well as the implementation and monitoring of the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) in Andalusia. The use of technology in these four situations blockchainIn addition to accelerating the digital transformation of the industry, it will enable the optimization of chain processes and data exchange, help increase the transparency of supply chains, promote the traceability of products from their origin, ensure food certification and, as Cooperatives stated, prevent corruption in supply.

Similarly, Space4Green It will create a verifiable environmental sustainability index from information from Copernicus. This index, christened ESI, will provide the industry with detailed information on the agricultural practices of the producers from whom they purchase the raw materials. Once the information has been collected and processed, it will be complemented by a carbon emission calculation tool that will allow the environmental impact of the food in question to be known.

Space4Green It offers the agri-food sector a simpler and more competitive traceability monitoring system than existing ones, with the high-precision information guarantees spatial information offers and the confidence of the new authentication service (Galileo/OS-NMA)”, the unique organization emphasized.

In addition, according to him, all the links in the chain will benefit by applying this system. In this sense, the primary sector would have ensured that the original quality of its products is recognized throughout the supply chain, as well as avoiding multiple inspections. The consumer will have reliable information about the origin and production of the food.

After testing its functionality in the agri-food sector, Space4Green It will examine the possibility of applying its development to other industries where traceability is also important, such as pharmaceuticals or logistics.

This project is part of the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation program and is annexed to the European Union Space Program Agency’s (EUSPA) agreement.

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